Fabric forms the foundation of every wear, be it a simple saree or modern Avant grade. Fabrics are almost inevitable in our daily life. However, when we envisage a saree, Shephalee saree’s fabric stands out from most of the Sarees found in the market. More correctly they are indeed a part of machine product & sadly a major chunk of it is a part of the evil Fast Fashion. And what becomes available to us less becomes a luxury to us.


Shephalee fabrics are being handwoven by the humble weaver’s community of the village. Every member takes interest in the subject because it’s their identity. There is this unspoken conditioning in the family as a whole that strives to grasp its last hope of being passed on to generation & being of importance socially through business. Shephalee fabric have custom colors & the pattern are mathematically originated by Dr. Itirani Samanta & her team of weavers. Its indeed a job of patience & valour in the current market who tends to fall in the trap of easily-quickly accessible garments. Whereas an original is always an original & customed to one’s personality. Fabrics in Shephalle label are outstanding in quality & have a plethora of colors & combinations to choose from. The color palette is mostly inspired by the Women & nature. About 100 artisans have been involved in the upcoming designs & collections so far & yet more to come under the Shephalee brand. Cotton, Silk, Tissue and Tussar are some of the most used fabrics in our Sarees. All being outsourced from genuine organizations-villages-tribes from the Odisha Pan. Fabrics are the powerhouses of any Saree. Shephalee fabrics are light weight, very comfortable to the skin. This is the appealing aspect to the customers of Shephalee. A redeeming quality through luxury fabric is what we claim in all our sarees.

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