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Published on 12th September, 2023

We all have come across the news that the weavers who have the skills passed on to them for generations are switching to more modernized & conventional occupations & 9-5 jobs. With this economic crunch in their life, its rather obvious for them to do so. But its high time to impactfully source theirs skills & enhance them for the world to know. An artist is unique. The handwork varies from person to person but with the signature values intact through their tribe’s design.

Shephalee House strives to boost the livelihood of the immensely talented artisans & weavers. Through our thorough community building & knowledge exchange, shephalee has emerged to be one of the authentic brands for Saree Industry showcasing their finest skills gracefully. The social fabric needs to be protected & habituated, not only because of its aesthetic value but also for the very art. Science & technology are important today, but the fundamentals of art have ever greater value & we at Shephalee are passionate about taking our captivating craft with us with every step we take.

Environmentally, we also look into the ancillary factors in the process of making a shephalee Sarees. Packing of Shephalee sarees are through Pipli bag & not just any plastic or any sort of harmful materials. Shephalee Sarees are durable and sustainable handcrafted masterpieces, that one would pass on to the generations.

Through clear indication in the form of artwork & story telling in our designs, Shephalee label also ensures social messages often revolving around nature, women & the links to the world & reality. The art work has subtle messages & is itself a poem.