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Our muse is the bride who owns who she is. She wants alight-as-air trousseau, with pockets in her lehenga.

Itirani Samanta

Bestowing majestic symphony
of India’s hidden fabrics
and unparalleled craftsmanship & artistry,
sheer handcrafted brilliance.

Each fashion statement of our collection has thousands of unarticulated stories behind it crafted with perfection. Be it the wide color palette of India, or magical silhouettes of every stricts or brightest smiles with fulfilled dreams or dim ones with unfulfilled aspirations. We are not our failures but we are everything we ever dreamt of, cared for and passionate of. With each of our luxurious couture attires, we present you perfect outfit for every you.

Each of our collections are inspired by slice of life showcasing finest hand-moulded artistry that has been passed down through generations after generations. We present sheer dramas flaunting distinctive style, captivating motifs, wide range of vibrant and subtle hues, traditional techniques in contemporary manner.

Our Philosophy

Shephalee is a definition of modern luxury, authentically crafted with an amalgamation of heritage weaves, chic colors and modern silhouettes. Each saree at Shephalee is an exclusive single piece designer couture, which when draped, gives the feel of red-carpet luxury, blended in style and elegance- perfect for special moments and grand occasions. Shephalee sarees work to revive the handcrafted indigenous weaves and patterns, and in the process support thousands of families employed in the craft.

Hence our creator Dr. Itirani Samanta, who has never been professionally trained as a designer but her works span the entire gamut of art, culture and literature has always delved deep to understand the nuances that our gorgeous handcrafted beauties hide. In her twenty-two years career as a Novelist, Writer, Editor and Film-maker she always made it a point to wear sarees made out of Odia handcrafted fabrics designed by her. This symbolism was primarily to showcase the diverse, richness and elegance that these fabrics bind on a woman who wears them.

Dr. Samanta's understanding of her own rich cultural legacy and heritage evolved while she was sharpening her literary skills and started making sarees for herself. She has always been greatly inspired by the circle of life. She not only creates, but believes in us, our culture, our craftsmanship, our handcrafted majestic wonders and mostly on the vision to make them stand out clearly and loud. Which is evident in her design ideology today.