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    Shephalee pure silk fabric is not just a testament to the skill and artistry of its weavers but also a vital part of the state's cultural identity. The lustrous and breathable texture is what makes Shephalee silk different from others. These fabrics have been woven for generations and are deeply intertwined with the region's history and traditions. The Shephalee Designer silk six yard is a Pure Silk with authentication certificate.

  • Shephalee tissue silk fabric is the epitome of master craft. The process of weaving this rare silk with the finish is only carried out by a small group of mastered weavers since not everyone is able to weave this piece of brilliance. Outfits made from Shephalee tissue never fell to drop people dead on their track because of it's dazzling texture. The Shephalee Designer tissue silk six-yard is Pure Silk with an authentication certificate.

  • At Shephalee House, we take pride in showing artisan's "Kala" through their handwoven fabrics, patiently detailed & with full attention. Tussar Silk is an indigenous textile that shares its history with raw silk and is rooted in medieval times. It was originally called Kosa silk in Sanskrit. Apart from original ivory hued tussar, Shephalee offers a wide range of various hued tussar silk. The Shephalee Designer tussar silk six yard is a Pure Silk with authentication certificate.

  • Absolutely breathable and skin-friendly indigenous fabric, that takes a whole village to prepare. The minute detailed motifs on featherlike textile not only offers a bold look but made sure to provide comfort as well. The super fine thread ensures that it will never lose color, no matter how many times it's washed.


Shephalee saree are known as six yards of sheer brilliance. A traditional costume statement manifesting perfect amalgamation of authentic age-old motifs with modern touch. Shephalee offers a wide range of color palette covering both soothing pastels to vibrant monotones for every occasion.

Shephalee unveiled its latest costume line i.e. Designer lehengas at Time's Fashion Week in Delhi left everyone awestruck with the designs. Indian crafts are brought to a whole new level with Shephalee's lehenga. A combination of elegant sustainable fabric, modern silhouettes, and a depiction of our spellbinding artistry are what define Shephalee lehengas

Shephalee unfolded it's brand-new collection of concept sarees at Time's Fashion Week, Delhi and left audience mesmerized with it's meticulously crafted pieces, pushing boundaries and setting trends in the world of fashion.

Shephalee launched its brand new Nizami suits at Delhi Time's Fashion Week and made sure to stun the attendees. Contemporary classic fashion statements crafted with pure love for art and craft at heart. This casual couture is made in subtle soothing hues celebrating freedom of the diversity of our treasured handcrafted textile.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond buzzwords. It's a way of life. We are conscious of our impact on the environment, and so, we use eco-friendly materials and ethical practices. Our goal is to not just create beautiful clothing but to nurture a sustainable ecosystem where both nature and humanity flourish. Behind each luxurious garment is a human touch, a story, and a legacy. When you wear our clothing, you wear more than just a brand; you wear the hopes and dreams of artisans and weavers who have poured their hearts into every stitch.

Our Designer Brand aims to bring traditional hand woven and hand-crafted delicacies designed glamorously yet elegantly made only out of indigenous fabrics to the entire world. The humongous hard-work that artisans undertake by weaving fabrics but getting fragile remuneration is often repeated, hence scripting a different tale is what Dr. Samanta envisages through Shephalee. The Creator has exclusively made designs out of indigenous fabrics and the entire work is hand crafted that further employs a significant number of artisans. This we want to be both displayed at a higher scale at global podiums and simultaneously enrich the artisans by giving a significantly higher economic benefit along with branding of these hidden beauties.

Join us on this journey—a journey that transcends fashion and embraces the timeless traditions of craftsmanship. Together, we create not just clothing, but a sustainable future woven with love and dedication.

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