When it comes to the creative part of the design, Shephalee by Dr. Itirani Samanta & her team makes it an important segment for the research & development of the minute details. After all, someone with a background of creative writing whose articles are household famous in the state & nation always aims for perfection in all layers of design. The inspirations from her mythological knowledge & women as an awareness & wholeness is the core of all her designs. Shephalee, Dr. Itirani Samanta’s luxury-sustainable fashion label is named after her dear mother, & truly nurtures the value of womanhood. There is diversity in design, just like its origin geography- India. Shephalee is for women of all spectrum of life. Women are wonder in themselves & each saree at Shephalee is made for the women.
The concept or story behind every saree is different. Starting from weaving individual yarns to make fabric to final developed product, all steps are being assemble in love and care. The breathable luster and texture of each handmade fabrics are one of the USP that we at shephalee house vowed to nurture.


Each design has a complete story- be it in the form of depiction as an art or in the very making of saree which involves the client & the Shephalee team. Shephalee Label is known for its luxurious & royal sarees perfect for all kinds of occasions. Since diverse yet of its kind, shephalee sarees are versatile & has an international taste. There is an intermingle of modern & traditional design elements – be it a combination of our authentic traditional pattachitra art exhibiting our glory or the woven intricate mathematics symbols as abstract design set with traditional passapalli block patterns. The possibilities are endless when we sit to design inspired from every little detail from our knowledge & awareness with a single aim to globalize our fabric, our pride.

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